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In Andalusia, the pioneering institution in DAAT has been the Clinical Management Unit of Pulmonology of the San Cecilio Clinical University Hospital of Granada.
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Medical Team

Andalusian Alpha 1 Center of Granada

Francisco Casas Maldonado

Coordinator of the Andalusian Center Alfa1

He is a founding member in 1993 of the Spanish Registry of patients with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (REDAAT) and also Coordinator of the Ibero-Latin American Forum of DAAT. Doctor Francisco Casas Maldonado, Physician, specialist in DAAT and Associate Professor at UGR, develops his assistance work in the Outpatient Consultation Area, attending to all pulmonary pathologies, with special interest in the specialties of bronchial asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. of the adult. In addition, he has directed and participated in different research projects at DAAT, being the author of numerous scientific publications, as well as a speaker at scientific meetings and teaching activities.



Manuel Gallardo Medina

Head of Service

Manuel Gallardo Medina is the coordinator of the Clinical Management Unit (UGC) of Pulmonology at the San Cecilio Clinic HU. Optional specialist in the Pneumology Area who has developed his care work in the Outpatient Consultation Area and in the Respiratory Endoscopy Unit, with interventional pulmonology being his field of special interest. At present he develops management tasks at the UGC, attends the oxygen therapy consultation and supports the Respiratory Endoscopy Unit.

Emilia Navascués Medina


The Doctor of Medicine Emilia Navascués Martínez attends the Pneumology Outpatient Area, attending to all pulmonary pathologies. Dr. Navascués is also responsible for the monographic consultation on thromboembolism and pulmonary hypertension, forming part of the multidisciplinary team of professionals at our hospital who evaluate and treat these pathologies.

Patricia Mejía Lozano

Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Patricia Mejía Lozano develops her care work in the Pulmonary Function Unit, in addition, she coordinates the performance of complex respiratory functional tests to evaluate different respiratory pathologies. This great professional is part of the multidisciplinary team of professionals at HU Clínico San Cecilio who evaluate and treat diffuse interstitial lung diseases (ILD).

Luis F. Cassini Gómez de Cádiz


Luis Fernando Cassini Gómez works in the Outpatient Department, attending to all pneumological pathologies. COPD, asthma and interventional pulmonology are his fields of special interest, forming part of the Respiratory Endoscopy Unit.

We create synergies with different specialties

Elena Mº Ruiz Escolano

Digestive System Area Specialist

The Doctor of Medicine Elena María Ruiz Escolano is a specialist in the Digestive area and develops her work in the Digestive System consultation, her work mainly consists of attending to the entire digestive pathology unit, although she also participates as Tutor of Resident Internal Doctors of Digestive system. Since 2011 she has been working in the Hepatology Unit and has also participated in multiple projects on liver diseases, in the research group of the San Cecilio de Granada University Hospital.


Francisca Quintana Luque

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service

Francisca Quintana Luque coordinates the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service of the San Cecilio Clinical University Hospital in Granada. At the same time, since 2005 she is the Coordinator of the Child and Cardio-Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit in adults and children. He is also a member of several working groups of the Spanish Society for Child Rehabilitation and the Andalusian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is also the author of several book chapters on Child Rehabilitation and Research Applied to Medicine. Lastly, she is a Tutor for 4th and 6th grade students of Medicine and Resident Internal Physicians.


The nursing team is our great support

Mª Ángeles Ortega Ramírez

Pneumology Service Nurse

María Ángeles Ortega Ramírez is part of the Pneumology Service where she has worked in the Pulmonary Function Units, Respiratory Sleep Disorders and Respiratory Endoscopies. She is currently the Nursing Coordinator of the Pulmonary Function Laboratories, Sleep Unit and Respiratory Endoscopies. She is a member of the Andalusian Group of Spirometry Nursing and participates in asthma and COPD studies.

Jesús González Dueñas

Pneumology service nurse

Jesús González Dueñas accompanies the Hospitalization Unit of the Pneumology Service. He is currently the Nursing Coordinator.


We join forces to achieve better results

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