AATD training and teaching, given by Dr. Casas, are taught to medical professionals and medical students of the Faculty of Medicine.

Undergraduate training

The future is in our hands

AATD training and teaching, are taught to medical students of the Faculty of Medicine, by Phd Francisco Casas, who is Associate Professor of Health Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine, teaching practical and theoretical classes in AATD to students.

Postgraduate training

Better trained professionals

Our center promotes teaching for health professionals, and we encourage researchers to continue advancing and finding a cure.
  1. Clinical sessions at DAAT.

  2. Active participation in Congresses and Symposia of Pulmonology and other medical specialties with an interest in the DAAT.

  3. The Andalusian Center Alfa-1 of Granada organizes conferences on advances in DAAT and participates in the activities and programs designed by the Spanish network of Alfa-1 Centers of Excellence made up of the Catalan Center, Galician Center and Andalusian Center Alfa-1 of Seville.

  4. Promotion in Primary Care of training programs in DAAT, adapted to their healthcare environment.

Centro Andaluz Alfa-1