Experience with Progenika and Novelties in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

On September 3, the 4th Ibero-Latin American Forum (IBLA) on Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) will take place in Barcelona.


This international event will bring together more than 40 pulmonology specialists from Spain, Portugal, the United States and Latin America, together with researchers with an interest in this disease.

Representatives of the Asociación Alfa-1 España, Alfa-1 Argentina and the Alpha One Foundation of the USA will also attend the meeting.

The IBLA-AATD and EPOC Forum was born in 2018, as an initiative of the REDAAT (Spanish DAAT Network).

It has the endorsement of SEPAR (Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery) and ALAT (Latin American Thorax Association).

Besides, the Forum is coordinated by Alejandra Rey (Uruguay), Michael Campos (USA), Mariano Fernández-Acquier (Argentina) and Francisco Casas (Spain).

4th Ibero-latin American Forum of AATD and EPOC

On September 3 we will celebrate a new meeting of the Forum in Barcelona and the main theme has been proposed “Experience with Progenika and News in AATD”.

Furthermore, The experience in diagnosis with Alpha-ID® and Progenika of researchers from all the countries participating in the 4th Forum will be discussed, as well as the novelties in the EARCO initiative and in the treatment of AATD.
In addition, real-life clinical cases will be discussed and the SEPAR Manual on “Technical Laboratory Procedures for the Diagnosis of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency” coordinated by Francisco Casas and José Luis López-Campos will be presented.

Commemorative act for AATD pioneers

One of the objectives of the IBLA-AATD and COPD Forum is to facilitate the meeting of professionals with an interest in AATD, but it also serves as a meeting point to strengthen ties of friendship between colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic.

For this reason, to culminate this meeting, Francisco Casas, coordinator of the Andalusian Center Alfa-1 of Granada, together with Dr. Marc Miravitlles, coordinator of the Center Alfa-1, will deliver commemorative plaques to Drs. Ignacio Blanco and Rafael Vidal as benchmarks in Spain and internationally, for a lifetime dedicated to AATD.
There will also be a posthumous tribute to Drs. Guillermo Menga (Argentina) and Manuel Barros (Chile) international references and pioneers of the AATD.

Each meeting is different and very enriching for the participants

To conclude, this experience will be recorded and all professionals with an interest in the AAT will have access to it in streaming.

It means, professionals and researchers from all over the world share their experiences and impressions about the disease, offering different points of view, resulting in a unique opportunity to learn and to continue fighting together, together with AATD Patient Associations, for a single cause: “Find the cure and improve the quality of life for all Alpha-1 patients.”

Source Centro Andaluz Alfa 1 Gobierno de España

Centro Andaluz Alfa-1