Alfacare Carry Forward

Alfacare has been very present in the confinement, trying to help patients through a dynamic program.

  1. The organization of virtual cafes has brought together more than 100 patients, who have been able to answer their questions.
  2. The periodic publications of professional interviews have delighted our followers, as they have accurately answered the most frequently asked questions by our patients.
  3. Alfacare has also been concerned about the emotional state of the DAAT community, giving some guidelines on how to cope with this situation, which can sometimes overwhelm us.
  4. And to crown its project, Alfacare promotes the Alfagym program, a new project for the practice of therapeutic exercise.

The response to the different activities has been extraordinary, so we want to thank the support of each and every one of the professionals who have made it possible.

Centro Andaluz Alfa-1