Alfacare Workshop Almería 2020

The AlfaCare program, “Care and Resources to live with the Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficit (AATD)” has taken place at the Torrecárdenas Hospital in Almería.

It is a comprehensive program of accompaniment and personalized support, created in collaboration with the Association of Alfa-1 Spain, which offers training, emotional support and support to patients affected by AATD through telephone contact that is complemented by a high presence of some 2.5 hours duration. In the workshop, very practical and useful questions related to the impact of the disease on daily life have been addressed.

It is led by professionals who are experts in respiratory psychology and physiotherapy and who, with practical exercises for respiratory control and small tricks, teach how to cope better day by day. Patients and professionals from Granada and Almería have participated. Thanks to all for your participation!

Centro Andaluz Alfa-1