Blood Donation Save Lifes

Did you know that plasma occupies more than half the volume of our blood?

Plasma is the most liquid part of our blood, and the medicines derived from it, help thousands of people to continue with a life full of health and well-being.


Through a complex process, and from the protein content of this vital fluid, made up of 90% water, 7% protein and some other substances such as amino acids, salts, lipids and carbohydrates, a series of essential biological medicines are obtained to save lives and improve the health and well-being of patients, globally.

For Alphas, plasma-derived drugs are very important, in this case we are talking about intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG), whose coagulation factors, albumin and alpha-1-antitrypsin, help people born with various immune deficiencies ( primary immunodeficiencies) or as replacement therapy for people with a depressed immune system, because they are affected by a recurring infection, or diseases such as chronic lymphatic leukemia. “

In this case, IVIG replaces the antibodies that the body should make, although it does not help the patient’s immune system make more.

“From the time plasma is obtained at donation centers until the final product is marketed, it takes between 9 and 11 months.

“Ensuring the traceability of the plasma unit is essential to be able to withdraw your donations, in the event that in this last phase any serological change is detected in the donor.”

“Once the plasma has passed all the controls, it is transferred to the different production plants, subject at all times to perfectly defined and controlled environmental conditions.”

Upon entering the production plant, the plasma is subjected to a fractionation process to obtain the different plasma proteins with therapeutic application and, before proceeding with its purification, the fractionated plasma undergoes a new inactivation process.

“The last step in the process is dosing, which is done under sterile conditions for safety and to preserve all of its therapeutic properties.”

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