PhD Francisco Casas teaches a training cycle organized by the Alfa-1 Association of Spain.

The magnificent initiative of the Alpha 1 Association to launch various workshops arises on the occasion of the World Week “Respiratory Care Week 2021”.

Medical professionals who are experts in pulmonology have participated in this workshop and recently diagnosed Alpha 1 patients have been invited.

Deepening the knowledge of the AATD

Here, patients are given the opportunity to approach professionals to better understand the DAAT and thus be able to calm the concerns that arise from the diagnosis of their disease.

In addition, other AATD patients share their experiences as a support tool.

Knowing the AATD is one of the first organized workshops of this event and has been given by Doctor Francisco Casas, coordinator of the Andalusian Center Alfa 1 and pulmonologist of the San Cecilio Clinical University Hospital.

Dr. Casas stressed the importance of providing clear and up-to-date information.

With the aim that Alpha 1 patients can understand this disease easily, as well as know the recommendations to have a healthy life and improve their quality of life.
Emphasizing the fact of avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke since it has a very negative impact on the lives of people with AATD.
After reaching this conclusion, two more workshops will take place.
In the following workshops they will talk about their genetic condition, as well as the serious liver and lung diseases that can develop later.
The information on these workshops comes from the official website Alfa 1 Spain.

Centro Andaluz Alfa-1