The benefits of donating blood

Have you ever thought about being a donor?

This article is dedicated to all those people who are between 18 and 65 years old, weigh more than 50 kg and are healthy. The benefits of donating blood are several, in this article we will tell you about them.

Did you know that every 30 seconds a blood donation is needed here in Spain?

Something important to know is that four out of ten people will need blood or some of its components, such as plasma to manufacture the AATD treatment, throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, currently only 4% of the population donates blood, and at least 30% of the donor population would be necessary.

In addition, to this problem, we must add the “non-generational change”, making it even more difficult to cover the number of new donors with respect to those who stop donating blood when they reach 65 years of age.

Luckily for us, this problem has an easy solution.

We tell you what can be done and how you can help.

The benefits of donating blood

The reasons abound

3 lives can be saved for each donation, because blood contains four components: plasma, platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells.

All of them can be acquired in a single donation, impressive isn´t?

Gain health

You make someone happy at no cost, you offer someone the opportunity to save their life, or that they can continue fighting to achieve it and in the same way, enjoy more time with their family and friends.

You give life and hope

Blood is needed in many circumstances:

  • Surgeries
  • Organ transplants
  • Cancer treatments
  • Blood diseases
  • Burn units
  • Premature births

5 reasons to donate

You earn a medical checkup every time you donate blood

  • They take blood pressure and measure the pulse.
  • They perform a test to check the level of white blood cells and red blood cells.
  • Find out your blood group.
  • In case of infection or disease, they make a quick and effective diagnosis than a general medical check-up.

Solidarity detox plan

Every time you donate blood, your body begins to make fresh, new blood. Allowing to completely get rid of the toxins and waste that the body produces.

Extends life and prevents diseases

Information based on the well-known North American study The Iron, by P. Mangan Dumping.

This publication includes 144 clinical studies carried out over 20 years on people who have been blood donors and reflects the following information:

The risk of cardiovascular diseases was reduced by 40%, the risk of cancer by 41.5% and diseases such as Parkinson’s dementia and Alzheimer’s by more than 42%.

In summary, maintaining average ferritin levels can reduce the risk of developing diseases such as those mentioned.

In the case of men, unlike women, this data is detrimental.

Since men, do not have menstruation, these levels do not drop naturally in the blood.

It is reflected in more than 20 scientific studies, that men live between 6 and 8 years less than women.

You will lose weight

Donating is the only activity that allows you to eliminate 750 calories in just 10 minutes!

Improve your health

It stimulates the production of new blood cells in the body and helps purify triglycerides.

Improves blood flow, with a lowering the risk of suffering a stroke.

Every time you donate, the risk of suffering from some type of thrombus is reduced, because blood flow is improved, making it more liquid. In fact, one of the most common treatments for patients who have suffered a stroke is blood donation.

Donate blood, it’s all benefits!

If you’ve ever thought about donating blood, now is the time!

Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt, it’s only a few minutes, today for you and tomorrow…
Find more information at your nearest blood transfusion center, as well as hospitals and blood transfusion buses.

Thanks for donating!

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