World No Tobacco Day

This initiative of the World Health Organization is carried out since 1987 with the aim of informing and raising awareness about the effects Harmful and lethal of tobacco use in all its forms, including electronic cigarette, hookah, etc., and passive exposure to smoke tobacco The WHO calls on all young people to “Protect themselves from the organisms of the industry ”and join the fight to become a generation free of tobacco.

The Scientific Societies of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery, join the next May 31 and the celebration of World No Tobacco Day with the In order to continue recommended the need to quit smoking and provide healthcare to all people who want to start a smoking cessation process.

In addition, they want to highlight that this is a good time to stop smoking, the national health system is financing the treatments that They have proven to be safe and experienced. Record that in Spain 60,000 deaths are registered every year related to smoking. Tobacco is harmful to everyone, causes illness, death, impoverishes families and weakens national economies, due to the increase in health spending.

Tobacco is the main risk factor for COPD and emphysema, being especially harmful to Alphas, since having low levels of alpha-1 antitrypsin cannot protect themselves from lung damage the harmful agents that tobacco contains.

In addition, smoking is also harmful to the immune system and its responsiveness to  infections. Smoking is considered a risk factor for the spread of COVID-19 and is associated with a adverse prognosis and a more negative and serious progression.

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