The Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) answers questions from patients about COVID-19, in a series of short videos promoted by the Spanish Federation of Associations of allergic and Respiratory Diseases (FENAER), in collaboration with SEPAR Patients and the specialized channel Medicine TV.

Within its objective of providing truthful information in relation to COVID-19, FENAER has promoted the production of a series of videos in which specialists in reference pulmonology, answer questions posed by patients with respiratory pathologies, opening a direct route of doctor-patient communication in now very difficult circumstances, making it more difficult for patients to access their doctors to resolve their concerns.

Dr. Francisco Casas, member of the Committee of the Spanish Registry of patients with Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (REDAAT) and coordinator of the Andalusian Alpha-1 Center of Granada of the HU Clinico San Cecilio, answers the following questions raised by the Association Alfa-1 from Spain in relation to the interruption to many patients of the replacement treatment of Alfa-1 due to the high risk of infection in hospitals.

1) Are they more exposed to developing complications without the protection of the treatment?

2) Should they request its administration in case of developing pneumonia?

3) Is it known whether lack of protection can accelerate the loss of lung tissue?

Centro Andaluz Alfa-1