Virtual Coffee Alfacare

New ways, same essence

Since the state of health alarm was declared last March, AlfaCare has been transformed to be, more than ever, accompanying all Alfa-1 patients who are part of our program.


Welcoming your concerns, doubts and uncertainty through phone calls and follow-ups we have been able to give support and help in this moment of vulnerability for the patient with respiratory pathology.

In addition, we are conducting online group sessions transforming the face-to-face workshops in Virtual Cafes. With this we have managed to digitize the possibility of meeting that does so much good Alpha-1 patients right now.


During the month of April, more than 12 one and a half hour Virtual Cafes have already been held, reaching more than 80 patients from 30 provinces who have been able to see themselves virtually, share experiences, and receive help. Vigo, Barcelona, ​​Valladolid-Burgos-Soria-Palencia, Valencia-Castellón, Tenerife, Asturias, Sevilla-Huelva, Lugo-Orense, Almería-Granada, Madrid, Coruña-Pontevedra-León.


During the month of May we will continue celebrating more Virtual Cafes to be able to reach all the patients of the program who want take part.

Centro Andaluz Alfa-1