Covid-19 SOS

Recommendations to all health workers

The Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene makes 5 fundamental recommendations to prevent the transmission of the virus in the social and work environment.

The role of health center staff is very important. Preventing the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is essential.

1. Maximize distances

  • Always keep a safe distance, and minimize contacts, both in the work and social environment.

How should I act?

  • Maintaining a distance greater than an extended arm between non-cohabitants.
  • Avoid wearing “face to face” without a mask. Prioritize being abroad.
  • Always wear the mask (the virus does not understand friends).

 2. Utiliza la mascarilla

Use the mask always and in the correct position, especially in common areas, closed spaces, in close proximity to non-partners.

¿What should I pay attention?

  • In a social environment, use approved masks, preferably reusable (they are more ecological)
  • In the work environment, use the equipment recommended in your workplace and according to the task you are going to perform.
  • The mask must be well placed, covering the mouth and nose.
  • When you remove the mask, store it so that it does not contact other surfaces (use a cloth or paper bag).


3. Avoid closed spaces 

Avoid the “3 C´s” (closed, crowded and close)

If you cannot avoid them, limit your stay time and always wear a mask, especially in offices, meeting rooms, office, break rooms, elevators, bathrooms and changing rooms.

How could I protect myself?

  • Ventilate the spaces Prioritize rest times outside.
  • Do not share food, glasses or silverware with colleagues. Respect the gauges.
  • Preferably use the stairs rather than the elevator (good for cardiovascular health).
  • Wear a mask.

4. Promotes hand hygiene and disinfection of the environment

Perform proper hand hygiene, sanitize surfaces, and keep in mind that the use of gloves is not a substitute for hand hygiene, especially before being in contact with a patient, before an aseptic task, after contact with mucous membranes or fluids, after contact with patients and after contact with the environment.

What is the correct way to proceed?

  1. Using the hydroalcoholic solution (20 seconds)
  2. Using soap and water (40 seconds)
  3. Using gloves rationally Using suitable viricide on surfaces
  4. Disinfecting work / rest areas

5. Use protection barriers

Use personal protective equipment correctly, sometimes “less is more”, use them only when the use of gloves, face masks, gowns, glasses / screens is indicated

When is these necessary?

  • Avoid wearing gloves if you are not going to be in contact with mucous membranes or fluids, opt for hand hygiene. Remember to change gloves between patients. Don’t go out into the hall with your gloves. It does not double glove, it does not protect twice. No hydroalcoholic solution is used on the gloves. There is a risk of incompatibility and making micro-perforations. The mask is put on and no longer touched. Remember the approved eye protection / face shield (when the patient is not wearing a mask)
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